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TR 1512

Songs Based on Textx by American Female Poets
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Do you enjoy classical music that is off the beaten path?
Are you frustrated by the lack of imaginative releases by the major classical labels?
Albany Records is where you should look. Interesting, imaginative releases - many, many world premieres The music on Albany Records is uncommonly classical.
Albany Records is devoted to music by American composers (with a few notable exceptions) performed by the best of America's artists from premiere recordings of orchestral music by Roy Hams Morton Gould and Don Gillis to music by George Lloyd and Andrei Eshpar there is something for everyone on Albany Records - provided your interests are just a bit out of the ordinary.
Entire catalogue upgraded to lossless for a superior listening experience.

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TR 0032
Select Works for Orchestra by George Lloyd

             Top 10 of the Year

'After a 20-year hiatus fro...

TR 0060
George Llloyd's Eleventh Symphony

"...All of Lloyd’s recorded output is worth having, and 11 is as good a place to start as any, especially ...

TR 0360
Piano & Organ Concertos

"...I cannot recommend highly enough."

 R. James Tobin

TR 0381
Orchestral Music of Robert Nelson

"...This is music of great sincerity and deserves to be better known..."

William Kreindler -...

TR 0605
American Orchestral Music Performed by the Albany Symphony Orchestra

" essential part of any collection of the American Symphony."


TR 1125
American Discoveries

"The Rawlins Trio is an excellent group of musicians." "The recording is quite dry, but in no way detr...

TR 1127
Music from Paris

..."These performances under Robert J Ambrose, founder of the Atlanta Winds, are nothing less than impeccable an...

TR 1130
David Maslanka
Unending Stream of Life

" ...The sonics are absolutely breathtaking: rich, spacious, and vividly detailed, with an extremely wide dynami...